Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Jake's boss' wife was going to come over this morning to take some nice pictures of our house to put on their website. I got up early and started cleaning - then she called and canceled. Since my house was clean and ready for pictures, I figured I would take some of my own to show you..... finally! I still have lots of decorating to do, but I've got time.

Our house!

My favorite place in the house. I absolutely love having a dishwasher (this is the first one we have had since we have been married). I love the counter space and the cabinet space! I just love the look of the whole kitchen!

The living room. The wood door is the front door. We have picked out a rug to go in the living room, but haven't ordered it yet. Jake is also going to be making a new coffee table to match the new house - this time painted, not stained. If you haven't noticed we have a lot of brown in our house. Color coming soon.

A different angle of the living room. Jake is also going to be building a new entertainment center, custom for the space. We will also mount the T.V. on the wall eventually. I love our new wood burning stove. It is so little compared to our old one and way more efficient.

The entry. Nothing too exciting. I just wanted to show you the slate and the cute light fixture. I love all of the light fixtures we picked out for the whole house. I especially love the kitchen and dining fixtures!

The dining area. The door on the left is the laundry/mud room and the door on the right is the master bedroom.

Sierra and Maddie's room. I love the purple paint. It makes the room so fun and girlie.

The master bathroom. Very plain still, but roomy.

Another angle of the the master bathroom.

The girls bathroom. Sierra wants a green bathroom, so eventually I will get green towels or something but for now it is tan.

The girls were being so good for me while I cleaned and took pictures.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pictures from the last few weeks

Sierra showing off her cute fish she drew.

Maddie and chocolate pudding do not mix.

The girls made beds for the dogs - complete with babies.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Say Cheese

Sierra with her new camera. I love how you can see her eye through the lens.

When we were visiting cousin Olivia and cousin Elsa, Sierra discovered her cousins' fun camera. She was having so much fun with it, that of course, I needed to get her one. Yesterday we took a trip to the "city" (Bozeman). Sierra was being so good while we were shopping so I just had to buy her a new toy - a camera. I walked up and down every toy isle looking at every camera offered. Originally I was thinking about getting her one of those kid digital cameras - but quickly decided against it (for now). It took a while, but I found one that I knew Sierra would love and user friendly. She now goes around taking pictures of everything. Her and Maddie take turns posing and saying cheese - so cute. Jake informed me this morning that Sierra took a picture of me sleeping. Boy am I glad her camera doesn't have film.
Ha Ha. I just noticed that Sierra is wearing the same shirt in both pictures. I guess she likes that shirt.

Sierra playing with Elsa and her fun camera.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


We are in our new house and our internet is back up and running. The move went fine - stressful and exhausting, but we managed. We are pretty much unpacked and starting to get settled in our wonderful new house. :)

We had an exciting event happen in Bozeman this morning. Here is the link.