Saturday, August 28, 2010


This summer has been filled with lots of vacations. One of those vacations was Yellowstone. We spent two days and two nights (some spent three). I had a lot of fun camping (even with the risk of getting eaten by bears!), and the girls loved it too! This was their first time camping. We went to Yellowstone with the Jaggi clan... cousins and all! It was really nice spending family time in a totally different setting than normal (normal would be sitting at someones house chatting and trying to keep the kids entertained). Brace yourselves for a TON of pictures. Here we go!

Cooking dinner around the nice warm fire. We were very fortunate that both Jake and Richard brought wood. Lucky us!

Apparently Maddie wanted to climb the tree.

All of the kids rode on shoulders a good portion of the time.

They rode on shoulders even on our hike. It wasn't a stroll through the park either. It was a climb to the top of a mountain, and around and back down.

View of Old Faithful from our hike.

Waterfall on our hike.

We came across a big herd of buffalo and had to have a photo op. The girls were pretty nervous.

Close up of a little cluster along the Yellowstone Lake

Check out Maddie's new Yellowstone shirt. She LOVES it! It sparkles too!

Grandpa Scott and Maddie checking out the baby fish.

Papa and the girls checking out the baby fish.

The baby fish. Cutthroat.

This extremely gigantic buffalo decided to walk right in front of us. It was very scary.

Maddie keeping an eye out for bears!

They never did find any.

The falls. Not sure if this is the upper or lower falls, but VERY impressive!

Passing the time.

Tree hugger.

This picture cracks me up. The boys are playing in the water getting wet and dirty, and the girls standing back watching and giggling.

He looks like he's feelin' good.

I am very impressed by Mother Nature!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fishing For A Day

Our Neighbors (the green house), Mike and Dianne, invited us to go fishing at their cabin for a day. Their cabin is about a 2 hour drive North East from our house. It is a one room cabin built by Mikes grandpa (or great grandpa... can't remember), in 1935. Is it very cute and rustic. There are a bunch of small mountain creeks around the area that have lots of small cutthroats in them and are hardly ever fished. It was really fun taking the girls and just being out in the fresh mountain air fishing up a storm. There were plenty of fish to catch. :) Make sure to check out the video at the end of the page.... Sierra catching a fish all on her own!

Maddie helped Jake bring this one in.

This is Mike... our official worm finder. We kept him busy.

Everything was just beautiful!

Lunch time!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Summer

This summer sure has been a busy one! Mostly yard work and stuff around the house, but those are the things that keep you going... right? The girls are in swimming lessons for the first time. They both love it!... although I don't really know any kid that doesn't love to swim. Jake's brother Ben, and sister Sara, stayed with us for a week. Then we went to Utah for a family reunion (Evans family) and attended Jake's Grandpa Evans funeral in Boise a few weeks after the reunion. Here are a bunch of random photos of our summer.

When we were in Boise we were parked at a gas pump right next to a big ol' fire truck. Of course the girls were in awe. The firemen were so nice to the girls, waving at them and talking to them (I'm sure it's in their job decription). Then they came over to our car and gave the girls their very own fire hats!!! So exciting!

Elsa and Sierra swimming at the hotel in Boise. We are lucky this summer and get to spend a lot more time with the Schall's then we normally do. It is great for the girls to get to play with their cousins a bunch this summer!

I was watering the flowers and over watered which made a "river". The girls, being true Montana girls, grabbed their fishing poles and started fishing.

We have BEAUTIFUL rainbows at our house. This one was probably the best... although I wasn't there to see it.

Fishing at the reunion. For the Schalls and Evans reading this... look closely at the canoe....

Jake sure is looking more and more like his dad.

Evans family reunion.

The iPod is the new coolest thing in the house. We can barely keep it charged any more.. with the constant use it is getting.
Well, I guess that is all the pics for now. We still have a quick trip to our neighbors cabin, a trip to Yellowstone, a trip to Elko, and a wedding planned for the next couple months... with lots of yard work in between. Summers sure are busy!!!!