Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fishing For A Day

Our Neighbors (the green house), Mike and Dianne, invited us to go fishing at their cabin for a day. Their cabin is about a 2 hour drive North East from our house. It is a one room cabin built by Mikes grandpa (or great grandpa... can't remember), in 1935. Is it very cute and rustic. There are a bunch of small mountain creeks around the area that have lots of small cutthroats in them and are hardly ever fished. It was really fun taking the girls and just being out in the fresh mountain air fishing up a storm. There were plenty of fish to catch. :) Make sure to check out the video at the end of the page.... Sierra catching a fish all on her own!

Maddie helped Jake bring this one in.

This is Mike... our official worm finder. We kept him busy.

Everything was just beautiful!

Lunch time!



Deb said...

What a fun day! Way to go Maddi!

Lena Phillips said...

I didn't see a video...?