Monday, April 25, 2011


I have tried writing this blog 2 times already, and Blogger keeps messing it up. I am sick of re-blogging. I am not going to re-type everything again, so you will just get some pictures with a few captions. Enjoy!

The Easter Bunny brought the girls each a new tool belt full of real tools! Now they have tools that are just their size to build their projects with!

It has been a tradition for a few years now to go fishing at Toston Dam on Easter. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!! A perfect day for fishing, excpet the fish weren't biting. Bummer. It was still really nice to get out and enjoy the day!

Nick and Megan came with us.

Jake met up with his friend Titus at the dam.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hidden Treasure

We got out and about this morning for our first hike/geocaching of the season. We went up to the Buffalo Jump State Park to hike around and to find a hidden treasure box. We had never been to the Buffalo Jump and it is only about 10 miles from our house. We didn't end up finding the treasure box because we ended up on the wrong trail, and by the time we turned around, it was lunch time.
After lunch, we decided to go find some treasure that was a little closer to our house and knew it was an easy find. Sierra spotted the treasure first! It sure is nice to be able to get outside again!