Friday, September 26, 2008

Bee Sting

Poor little Maddie got stung by a bee yesterday. It got her on the inside of her lip ( I guess she was trying to eat it) . She came running over to me crying with the stinger still in her lip. It was pretty swollen. It happened sometime yesterday evening, and this morning her lip was still a little swollen -but it's all better now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My beloved Bozeman Hot Springs is gone. It caught on fire yesterday,and a good chunk of it is destroyed. What wasn't burnt was severely damaged from the smoke. I am pretty bummed about the whole thing. I worked there for over 2 years. Long enough to become the supervisor for the night crew. I met most of my good friends from working there. Now they have to tear part of it down, if not the whole thing. I really hope they rebuild someday.
It was a pretty exciting day yesterday - I was on the phone all day talking to person after person about the whole situation. I had 52 phone calls and 20 texts in about an 8 hour period. That is a ton for me! I guess it is good because now I can go to bed at a decent hour (I usually worked until about 1-2 am).
Here is link to the newspaper article in the local paper if anybody is interested in reading it. I am trying to find video footage from the news station. I had heard that they had some really good footage of the building in flames. If I find it, I will post it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I had never realized how much Sierra and Maddie look alike until I took this picture. I have always thought they look so different, but you can definitely tell they are sisters.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Furniture Galore

Jake has been busy making more furniture. He made this new table top this last weekend. He kept the table legs from our old table and just made a new top. It only cost about $30 to make! It looks so great in our kitchen. Our old table was mostly white, so this dark table really adds a lot to the space. He made the bench too. He made that a while ago when Megan first moved here when we needed more seats around the table. It really works out great. He stained the table top to match the bench. They are a great pair.

Next we have a little end table (or night stand). It was made using leftover tiles from his work. It is so cute. This is one of my favorite things that Jake has made. Everytime I look at it I just think "Wow, that really looks nice."

After Jake made our new bed, we needed a new thing for our TV to go on. We needed something tall since our bed is so tall now. Jake just whipped this up real fast. It is exactly what we needed. I love having custom furniture made. Can't get any better than that! Now if he could make us a new couch...