Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sierra had her first sleepover. She slept over at Aunt Megan's house. I think they both had a really fun time. I know Sierra did because she came home with her hair curled, purple make up on and a pretty necklace. That is Sierra's ideal sleepover for sure! The only thing missing was her crown. I'm glad that Sierra got to spend some quality time with Megan. Sierra just loves her and always looks forward to seeing her. Thanks Megan!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ski Day!

Jake's boss called on Sunday and asked us if we wanted to have an Ebbighausen Ski Day in the morning. Well, sure... :) We got both Sierra and Maddie out there on skis. Well, they shared a pair. We got the skis for Sierra, but Maddie wanted to try it so bad, so we strapped them on her and she absolutely LOVED it! Sierra had fun too! I think Sierra was a bit more scared than Maddie was. Both of the girls did so good. Maybe we will have to go up again before the end of the year. I'm glad that we finally got the girls out on the slopes! It's sort of hard to decide when you think your kids are ready, but to my surprise, they were both more than ready! We only got Sierra a pass, so Maddie had to share Sierra's coat to get on the lift (because the pass was hooked to Sierra's coat). So, in the pictures both of the girls are wearing the same coat. The pink hat girl is Maddie and Sierra has the brown hat. There are also two videos at the bottom. These videos are from the girls first runs. Sierra ended up doing 6 runs down the bunny hill, and Maddie did 2. So fun!

Videos from Sierra's and Maddie's first ski runs - Sierra is the first one, Maddie is the second.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crafting With My Girls

Friday's have now turned into 'craft day' at our house. I spend Thursdays cleaning up the house to get ready for Friday, a full day of nothing but relax and enjoy! Usually it is just me crafting away, but slowly the girls have been crafting with me. Today was a 'craft day' dedicated to my two girls. We started out by making blackberry jam- I know, not a craft, but a homemakers kind of thing. Sort of fits with the craft theme. I have never had blackberry jam, and it is very good, especially after you add the sugar ;). The girls wanted to lick the bowl.

Then it was card time (I had to squeeze a little craft in for myself, it is craft day after all)! I gave the girls some paper, ribbon, punches, scissors, and glue and they went to town. I think Maddie used up a whole roll of ribbon, and I'm pretty sure Sierra went through a whole stick of glue. They had tons of fun.

Next was beading time. Sierra has been dying to do some beading. So I finally broke out the beads. Sierra didn't need any help at all. I thought she might need a little, but she didn't want any. Maddie needed help and quickly got bored. Sierra was very patient. It took her about an hour to make a bracelet, but she didn't get frustrated once. I was impressed.

BTW: Sierra is now a princess. She always wears her crown (even to bed), she dresses in gowns and wears high heels. Sometimes she does a little magic with her wand as well. Oh boy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

All things Crafty

Maddie has been taking after her big sister and has been a drawing fool. Here are a few of her cute drawings. I just love her cute people she draws. :)

Yes, she is sitting on the potty. I am proud to say she IS potty trained!!!


While I was getting all my paper ready for my card class this weekend, Sierra got her scissors and some paper and made her own card. She did it 100% herself! I am very proud of it. I even gave her my special pen (a white gel pen) to write on the inside. She wrote her name.

Then she helped Maddie make a card. There was a little confusion about whose card it really was. Sierra was showing Maddie how to decorate it, but since it was Maddie's card, she didn't want Sierra's input. It was funny to watch Sierra glue some hearts on, then Maddie rip them off. At least Maddie let Sierra put the ribbon on.

This is Sierra's AWESOME dinosaur! She cut it out and glued the legs on all by herself. It even had an eye, but fell off. I am very proud of my little crafty girl! She loves everything crafty! She told me yesterday that when she gets big, she wants to have a card class too! :)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Here is a little clip of Maddie singing her ABC's. She missed a few letters toward the end, but still cute. Sorry the quality is crappy.