Saturday, February 6, 2010

All things Crafty

Maddie has been taking after her big sister and has been a drawing fool. Here are a few of her cute drawings. I just love her cute people she draws. :)

Yes, she is sitting on the potty. I am proud to say she IS potty trained!!!


While I was getting all my paper ready for my card class this weekend, Sierra got her scissors and some paper and made her own card. She did it 100% herself! I am very proud of it. I even gave her my special pen (a white gel pen) to write on the inside. She wrote her name.

Then she helped Maddie make a card. There was a little confusion about whose card it really was. Sierra was showing Maddie how to decorate it, but since it was Maddie's card, she didn't want Sierra's input. It was funny to watch Sierra glue some hearts on, then Maddie rip them off. At least Maddie let Sierra put the ribbon on.

This is Sierra's AWESOME dinosaur! She cut it out and glued the legs on all by herself. It even had an eye, but fell off. I am very proud of my little crafty girl! She loves everything crafty! She told me yesterday that when she gets big, she wants to have a card class too! :)


Lena Phillips said...

Well it's not surprising the girls are crafty. They have two incredibly talented, creative, and crafty parents.
They're cards are super cute!

Tami said...

I love that they both want ot do it all themselves.
It makes me laugh.
Their cards are cute and of course they come by the talent honestly. You both are SO creative.

Deb said...

They are so creative - I agree with Tami, they come by it honestly!

Lienus said...

Прикольный динозавр получился xDD