Friday, February 15, 2008


Sierra and I went outside this afternoon and we came across a bunch of different tracks. We found bunny tracks. I haven't seen any bunnies this winter so I thought we didn't have any this year - but we found the tracks. Lots of bunny tracks

We also have a deer trail the goes through our yard. It goes through our back yard and over the little fence into the front yard. It stops at some big bushes then goes over to a tree, then out through the front yard.Deer trail through our yard.

And of course we can't forget the little kid tracks. Those are the cutest.Sierra's foot prints.

I have also seen several bald eagles lately. A good sign that spring is on the way. It was a really warm day today and suppose to be a warm weekend as well.

P.S. Jake saw three wolves at work today. It looks like they are starting to build a pack on the south side of the valley.


Lena said...

Oh cute little bunny tracks. I wish we lived where we could have wild bunnies. My favorite prints are the Sierra tracks.

Margaret said...

I have deer trails through my yard too. I put bird seed bells in my trees and bird feeders on my deck and the deer come and eat all the bird seed.