Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cookie Time

Sierra was the only one who stayed to finish eating (I mean decorating). All the other kids were off playing.

Today was cookie decorating day. I invited all of my friends and their kids over for some cookie decorating. It was fun. I have been trying for a month to get this day going. First Sierra was sick, then of course as soon as she got better, Maddie got sick. Then, one of my friends girl got sick... you get the picture. Finally, a month later we were able to make it happen. There were 9 kids three and under running around. It will be fun this spring to have all the kids back over to play outside.
Some of the kids. (Sorry it is blurry.)

A few moms and kids.


Lena said...

Oh man! That looks like so much fun! Hopefully when I have kids I'll set something like that up. I bet the kids were so excited.

Tami said...

Is that Maddie in hippo chair?
If yes she looks giant and her hair is far darker than it seems in other pictures!
I cant wait to see/kiss her!

Montana Schalls said...

Tami, no that isn't Maddie in the hippo chair. That is Cindy's girl, Jaelle.

Deb said...

What a fun day! I would be there "decorating" too.