Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's all go to a ball.

Sierra and Maddie were invited to a ball today. Sierra wore her Cinderella dress and her Cinderella shoes. They made princess tiaras and danced along with Barbie in one of those Barbie movies. Maddie had lots of fun being a fairy. She just crawled all over the place and ate random food off of the floor. It was good to get all the little kids together again for another fun day.

My Little Fairy

Hannah the Pirate and Maddie crawling through a tunnel.

Two little princesses wishing they could be just like Barbie.


Lora Lee Lovell said...

How cute are they? How fun for everyone. What a good idea.

Brandi Schall said...

Fun idea! What cute girls.

Lena said...

Oh they're all so cute. You guys are such fun moms to put together a ball for those sweet little princesses.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful, adorable princesses you have. I sure do miss those little sweethearts.

Melissa said...

How fun! I want to go to a ball dressed up like cinderella. Your girls are so cute!

Tami said...

These are so very cute! What a great idea.
I also got my photo of Maddie and Sierra in the mail today- it is so so so cute!