Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a Cute Table

Megan moved out - found herself a cute basement apartment - so Jake wanted to make something just for her. He made her a cute kitchen table. He customized the size so it would fit perfectly in the space. He wanted to personalize it for her so he painted it purple (her favorite color) and painted some cute flowers and swirls in the corners. He then sanded it down to make it look antique. It turned out super cute. I think Megan likes it a lot. I still haven't seen it in her kitchen yet - but I hear it looks great!


Lena said...

That is way cute! It looks like something very Megan-ish. (That makes it sound like I actually know Megan really well) What a great brother Jake is.

Lora Lee Lovell said...

Good job, Jake! You are a great big bro!! It looks really awesome!

Tami said...

SO cute!!!
What a nice (and talented) big brother.
Love the table.

Deb said...

Another beautiful piece of furniture - you have great talent.