Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fishing 2009

Jake wanted to show me a natural spawning spot that his boss had showed him. It was only about a 30 minute drive from our house. It was actually really cool. There was a fresh water pool that the fish lay their eggs in. They have to swim upstream and then jump through a culvert that is gushing out water (they have to jump in while the water is gushing out) to get to the pool. The fresh water is so clear you can literally see the fish swimming up. We saw probably 30 fish while we were there.

Here you can see the fresh water stream and the muddy (due to spring run off) Missouri River. The green plants in the fresh water stay green even throughout the winter.

Can you see the fish? He is resting getting ready for the big jump through the culvert.

This is where the fresh water meets the Missouri River. It's kind of cool to see the difference in the colors.

Right next to the river is a train track. Trains come by pretty often - we saw three in the two hours we were there. We were pretty close to this train as it came by. Sierra loves trains, so I was glad she got to see one up close and in action.

Next we went fishing. Well, Jake and Sierra went fishing. I don't have my fishing licence yet...

Jake's big catch. A nice rainbow trout. The river he used to fish (the one right behind our old house) has much smaller fish than this, so this is a big fish to me. I think it's cute that you can see the excitement in his face.

Sierra's big catch that got away. Sierra caught her first fish! It was a nice big rainbow trout. Almost twice the size of Jakes fish! It took a while to bring it in and Jake had it right there (I should have taken a pic while it was in the water), then the line snapped and the fish was gone. Sierra didn't seem to mind, but it would have been cute to have a picture of Sierra and her first fish. They tried again, but no luck. We needed to go home anyway. I had a ham in the oven and it had already been in there an hour too long. I guess always expect fishing trips to take longer than expected. But the ham turned out great (thanks to Brandi's ham glaze recipe).


Tami said...

That is SO cool!
I love the look on Jakes face too!

Brandi Schall said...

Freshly caught fish sounds really good. I haven't had any for years. Yay for Sierra catching her first one!

Deb said...

Nate and Tyler would love to be there fishing with you! And Grandpa Great!