Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow, Wands, and Coyotes

We had a bit of a blizzard blow through our area the other day. We didn't get much accumulation, but we did end up with a good size snow drift in the back. The girls were so excited to see snow in the morning! After Sierra got home from school that day, they begged and begged me to let them go outside and play in the snow. Well, it was sunny, not warm (9 degrees), sunny, so, sure, why not. So they went out and played while I mopped the floor. I made sure to keep a close eye out for the coyote that has been lingering around. I made the dogs babysit and stay outside with the girls, just in case the coyote came around. Well, just as I was letting the dogs in and rounding up the girls, out came the coyote. I stood at the door and watched, curious about what he was up to. So I let the girls play a little longer while I watched the coyote. Then he spotted the girls, playing on the fence and decided to come a little closer. So I went outside, ready to beat him down if he came any closer (he was still pretty far, but not far enough). I guess he decided he better not mess with the mom, so he wandered off - slowly. I really don't like coyotes.
Anyway... the girls had tons of fun in the snow. Maddie especially liked making snow angels in 1/2 inch deep snow. She kept saying "This is fun! This is fun!"

snow angels


Yesterday we made wands. The girls had so much fun decorating them. They played with them all day. Sierra even took her wand to bed with her. Little girls are so much fun!

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Justin and Jamie said...

I love the snow angle pic. How would it be to be a kid again and be carefree and worry free? Hanging out in the 1/2 of snow with your sis, making snow angels, gazing up into the wide open sunny sky-with not a worry in the air! Nothing better then time's like those!