Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Shoot

This past September, Jake's sister Megan got married. Since we were all dressed up and had a great photographer available, we decided to do some much needed family photos. If you live in the St. George area... or just Utah, you need to hunt down Rachel Steele from Steele the Moment Photography. She does a fabulous job!! I will be printing pics and sending them out with Christmas cards, so anyone out there (mostly talking to my mom and dad) who thinks they need to go ahead and print the pics from my blog, just be patient, and you will get some! I posted a bunch of my favorite, so sit back and enjoy!

Baby Peter, Olivia, Elsa, Sierra, Madison


Lena Phillips said...

These pictures are so good! I love the one of the cousins all laughing together and I like the girls laying on the grass! We get our family pictures done on Saturday! Imam so excited!!!!!

Misty said...

Your pics are really cute! Your family is darling.. your girls look so much like you, i love it!

Justin and Jamie said...

So cute!!

Ted and Hilery said...

Very cute! You have such cute girls!