Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jakes Latest Projects

Jake made this shelf to go above our tv/wood stove area in our living room. The wall was just blank, so we decided it needed a shelf. The wood he used was just scrap that had been sitting out back. I like the weathered look. The shelf turned out very nice and looks good on the wall!
Here is another shelf he made. He actually made two of them. The other one is a little longer than this one, but is made out of the same material, so it looks just like this one.

I guess he got tired of building, so he started tiling. He tiled around both of our shower/tubs. Both bathrooms turned out so nice! I really adds to much to the feel of the room. This one is in our bathroom.

And these slate tiles are in the other bathroom. It is pretty nice to have a handy man around! Speaking of having a handy man, he is in the crawl space replacing our heating ducts as I type ... a handy man sure is nice!


Lena Phillips said...

The shelves are nice and I love the tile around the showers. We have tile in our showers but they're from the 70's and not cute. One day we'll update them

Tami said...

I love all the projects too!
Jake is so talented!
Course I'm one of his Moms so I just love hime any way.