Friday, May 13, 2011


Sierra has officially graduated from Preschool!!

I was the class mom/helper this year in Sierra's class, so Maddie felt like this was her school class too since she was there every week, and I think the teachers pretty much treated her as another student (she is right up there with most of the kids with her ABC's and all that), so they let Maddie participate in the graduation too! I'm glad they let her, she had fun participating with all of the other kids.

Before the graduation ceremony, they had some fun games for the kids to play.

Potato sack races!

Even the parents got in on some of the action (although I don't think Jake was too thrilled)!!


Lena Phillips said...

The girls look so pretty in their springy dresses, and i love Sierra's cheese grin in that first picture. :) That's awesome that they let Maddie participate in the class.

Melissa said...

how awesome that they let Maddi participate in the graduation! Does Sierra really start kindergarten next year? They are so cute and getting so big!