Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunch At The Park

This years school schedule is a little bit hectic. Sierra has been going to kindergarten half day, afternoon, 5 days a week. Maddie goes to pre-school, half day, mornings, Mondays and Wednesdays. On the two days that Maddie has school, we need to squeeze in some lunch inbetween the time that Maddie gets out from school and when Sierras school begins. This time is about 45 minutes.
Well, considering it takes about 20-25 minutes one way to/from the schools, there is not enough time to pick up Maddie, go home, eat lunch, then take Sierra to school. So the girls and I have been picnic-ing twice a week. :) This has actually been fun! We eat lunch real quick, then play until it is time to take Sierra to school. The time frame that we have is actually the perfect amount of time to get in a little play time (not too much
where I am bored to death), and I have a good reason to get them to leave right when I tell them (no lolly gagging :)). Well, as luck would have it, Sierra is starting full day kindergarten on Monday.. right when the weather has been too cold to picnic (we ate lunch in the car this week, then the girls still went out and played). Today was our last picnic at the park. It has been fun and not something I tend to do a lot in the summer, so I was really glad that the last two months provided me lots of picnic time with my girls.
I am very grateful for the bus as well! It comes right to our house and Sierra LOVES riding the bus. She waves good-bye to all of her bus friends every day. She comes home everyday with some gum that the girls give her on the bus. I'm looking forward to next year when Sierra will get to show Maddie how fun it is to ride the bus!
Sierra (pink) waving to the kids on the bus

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