Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love Three Forks...

... and this is why.

About a week ago, and boy from our ward/neighbor was badly injured while skiing. He broke his neck and back and was originally diagnosed with only an 8% of a full recovery, and probably a quadriplegic. His family has been writing a blog keeping everyone up to date about Wesley's progress. You can read his story here. Within hours of his accident I was sent two texts and received a phone call from the Bishop and even a visit from one of the neighbors informing us about the accident.

I have been truly amazed how the community has come together to support Wesley and the Greene family. Wesley's friends have even made "Team Wesley" shirts. Even businesses around town have put up "Team Wesley" signs to show their support. Last friday was "Greene Day" at the Three Forks school. Everyone wore green shirts and they all gathered in the gym and made a video to show their support for Wesley. GO HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO.

Sierra happened to have a play at school on "Green Day". When we went to her play, my heart was full of joy to see how many people supported Wesley and wore green. I would say about 99% of the kids I saw walking through the halls were wearing green. Even a lot of the parents who came to the play were wearing green.

I have always loved the town of Three Forks, but just seeing how this community has come together to support one boy makes me love the town so much more! Go Wes Go!

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