Monday, April 9, 2012

Autumn 9 Months!!!

Autumn is 9 months old! I can't believe it! She is so cute and so fun! She has started clapping and waving. She thinks it is so funny to give kisses! She walks along furniture pretty well, and has even started standing by herself with no hands! She sure is growing up fast! She will follow you all around the house just to be included in EVERYTHING! She doesn't want to miss a thing! Here are a couple pictures from the last month, along with a couple videos! Enjoy!

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Lena Phillips said...

Holy cow! She is such a stinking cutie and so happy! If I hadn't already decided I was tagging along with mom on her visit at the end of the month, this would have given me no choice at all. I must see her! She was Cozette's age the last time I saw her.