Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Double Birthday!

 Yes, I am very late posting these pics, but here they are!!!  Maddie and Autumn had a double Birthday party celebration this year!  Maddie turned 5 and Autumn turned 1!!!
 Here are their cakes!  Of course I had to make two, one for each.  Maddie wanted a flower cake that looked just like her pinata and I have always wanted to make a rainbow cake, so I figured I should make that rainbow cake before Autumn gets big enough to have an opinion.  I think they both turned out so cute!  My mom helped make them.  It was fun making cakes together with my mom!  Thanks mom!

 Yum, pizza!  Cousin Peter, Maddie, Cousin Elsa, Cousin Sariah

 Birthday girl!

 Pinata!!!  See how it looks just like the cake!!!  Cute!

 Party guests

 MMM, can't wait to eat the cake!

 Autumn's first Birthday cake!

 Elsa and Maddie checking out a cool gift!

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