Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Man, I have forgotten how much time you have to spend holding newborns. It's like an all day thing. They sure are cute and tiny, but time consuming. I think we are managing it though. Here are a few more pictures.

Maddie in my wrap. I bought this wrap to put her in so I could have my hands free. We both love it. Everytime I put her in it she falls asleep instantly. It is usually a pretty deep sleep too, so I can transfer her onto the bed to get some stuff done. She is actually in it right now while I am blogging.

Jake really likes this one. It is funny how you can put them in different positions and it changes how they look.

I think she looks cute when her shoulders are scrunched up and it makes her face look fat. Cute cheeks.

Not our best picture, but I still like it.


Brandi Schall said...

So cute! Maddie is so expressive already, and I love all that hair! It looks really dark, was Sierra's like that, too? I forgot about the holding them all the time thing, too!

Phillips Family said...

I miss them :(

Looks like she's still looking just as cute since I've seen her last. Okay, okay, its only been four days, but it sure feels like a lot longer.

Tami said...

Thanks for posting more.
I originally thought Maddie looked just like Sierra's baby pictures but this last set don't look like it! I need to come inspect more closely.

nikki said...

So cute!! I need to come up and visit. Maddie has some cute little cheeks on her.

jamie said...

What cute new pics! I think Maddie is looking just like Jake.. something about her says Jake. Shes a cutie.. I love those cute little cheeks and fuzzy hair! :) I can't wait to see her in person!

Aunt Deb said...

I love it!