Friday, June 29, 2007

A Total Mom Moment

I had a total mom moment this morning. I was trying to feed Maddie real quick so I could get out the door on time to meet up with Jake. But Maddie was crying, no, not crying, screaming. Sierra was also crying too - I don't know why - maybe she was tired. Well, I decided that Maddie was crying because she needed to burp, so I burped her. She did indeed need to burp - a very huge burp followed by spit up/milk all over my shirt. Of course, the burp rag was right there on the table, but I was too lazy to put it over my shoulder. So then I had a gross shirt and two crying kids..... I did make it out the door on time, and no, I didn't change my shirt.


Tami said...

That truly is a classic moment. Keep your chin up.
The beauty & importance of what you are doing could easlisy be lost in the day to day mechanics. (poop & throw-up)
I for one am very impressed that you were still on time and you didn't just give the trip up!

Brandi Schall said...

Yes, great job handling that! I have to force myself to keep going to get out there or I would never leave with the girls.
It never fails at my house if one cries, the other one has to chime in. Maybe it's in the "Schall gene" I feel for you, it's sooo stressful when they both start up!

Phillips Family said...

hahaha! That is so fun! I can't wait to have kids!! :D

Grandma Jones said...

Good for you! Priorities in the right place. Your kids are're such a good mom. Enjoy every moment as time flies by soooo fast. Love, Grandma