Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fruits of Our Labor

Fall is approaching and I think our garden is done. We decided to attempt a garden this year. It went pretty well. We had a garden a few years ago, and realized very quickly that we have lots of deer. We didn't get much out of our garden that year. As a matter of fact - we didn't get much out of our garden this year either - due to deer. We must be slow learners.

We planted corn, peas, radishes, carrots, cukes, spinach and lettuce.

Corn - We planted the corn a little too late. It grew great, but it got too cold too fast. It only needs a week or two until it is ready, but it is too late. The stalks are dead.

Peas - We got about 7 peas out of two and a half rows. Deer.

Radishes - I don't know what went wrong with the radishes. They looked great from above the ground, but they wern't nice round radishes. They just looked like red roots. We did get to eat a few though, they were kind of round...

Carrots - We planted a row of carrots, but they didn't really come up. Just a few here and there. Out of the few that did come up, only one was big enough to eat. It was tasty. :)

Cukes - I love cucumbers. We were having a great crop of cukes, then the deer came back. It only took one night for the deer to ruin the whole crop. We did have two that we ate before the deer came. Yum.

Spinach - The spinach was great! We got to eat the whole crop and it was good.

Lettuce - The lettuce grew fine, but it looked kind of weird so we didn't eat it. It probably was good, but I wasn't willing to try it out.

So, out of our whole garden we got 7 peas, 2 cukes, one carrot, a few radishes and all of our spinach. Kind of pathetic that I can count our crop. Our raspberries didn't produce very many raspberries this year either. Oh well, there is always next year.


Richard and Lena Phillips said...

Half of what I planted didn't even have any sort of a sprout. I fertalized, watered, then replanted...and all that was there were dirt and weeds. What did sprout turned out good though. Good work on your garden, and great pic of Sierra, of course!

Brandi Schall said...

What a cute little helper you have there!

I am about as good as you guys on the gardening. You have a good excuse, Brooke, with deer! My excuse has always been weather (too hot) so we'll see next summer in Salt Lake what I am able to produce. You're right, there's always next year!

Cucumbers sound REALLY good right, now, now that you've got me thinking about them :)

The Andersens said...

At least you got to eat something out of your garden. Our garden fried.. thats what happens when they are left in the greenhouse for to long, plus the 100 degrees outside didn't help much either. I think next year, I will just go to the local farmers market for fresh produce! :)

Melissa said...

I'm impressed! I don't even attempt to garden for fear of all my hard work leading to nothing! Cute picture!

Mike and Kris said...

I don't even attempt either!! I love the fresh veggies though- so thank goodness for the farmers market and all those with a green thumb!!!:)

Tami said...

Have you made any alterations to your garden plan for next year as a result of this years success in some and lack of in others?

I have had flowers that I loved before that were so much work I think as soon as they die "I will NEVER grow those again". and I ususally rememeber. :)
Just curious.

Montana Schalls said...

oh, probably take action against the deer. i don't know. I haven't really thought about it.