Saturday, November 24, 2007


Every year my mom, my sisters and I make a Christmas ornament. This year my sisters and I made angel Christmas tree toppers. The little girls (Kylee, Sierra and Maddie) made angel ornaments with a little help from grandma. They turned out really cute. My mom has a similar Angel topper that we grew up with and all loved. We were all excited to finally have one of our own. For the record (Tami and Brandi), no, I didn't crochet the angels. My mom did.

On another note......
Maddie is a sitter!!! Yay!


Richard and Lena Phillips said...

Cute angel. I have one almost like it. :)
I'm so glad we could be there to watch Maddie sit. she's pretty dang good at it.
Love you, and miss you all already.

Tami said...

The tree toppers are very cute.Yes, I was wondering if your crochet skills could really have devloped that quickly!
Did your mom help you start the stocking pattern while she was there?

The Andersens said...

What a fun tradition!

Brandi Schall said...

Those are so pretty! You may have to practice and make me one, I've yet to find a decent tree topper :)