Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pink and Purple

Sierra sitting on Maddie's lap.

Yay, we got snow again! It has been so warm lately that it melted all of our snow. Earlier today, Sierra, Maddie and I went outside to play. Sierra didn't want to be pulled in her sled, so we put her babies in it and pulled them around. Sierra thought it was so cool. Maddie was getting pretty heavy for me to carry, so I put her in the sled with the babies and pulled her around the yard. It put her right to sleep.

Maddie looking so cute in her new pink snowsuit.

Sleeping babies


Richard and Lena Phillips said...

That is too funny! These are such great pictures. Maddie looks terrified having Sierra on her lap, and that is just too cute that you put her to sleep in the sled. :) I sure love those girls.

Brandi Schall said...

How cute! I love that she fell asleep in the sled, snow and cold and everything! But her little snow suit looks super warm!

Melissa said...

Cute snow suits! You're girls are the cutest. I tried the sled trick with Tyler last winter and it just made him cry :-)

Tami said...

I love the pictures! The girls look so happy and toasty and warm.
I think it is to funny how little girls love to be the mommy and take care of their babies... and that Maddie fell asleep. So fun.
I'm such a lucky Grandma!

Grampa Slick said...

Fun photos. Who doesn't like to sleep out in the snow?