Friday, August 8, 2008

The Artist

Yesterday during quiet time (in my room), Sierra got into my markers and colored. She colored all over herself, on the carpet, my bed spread, the new bed frame Jake built and on the dog. When I walked into my room there were purple and blue scribbles everywhere. It was kind of cute. Luckily it all came off.

I like her toenail painting job.

If you look closely you can see she colored on Daisy's eye.


Lena said...

Poor Daisy. What a silly girl that Sierra is. I also love her toenail painting job. She's all girl.

Jamie said...

Maybe she wanted some tattoos like her mom and dad. :)

Thats funny how she even got Daisy.

Melissa said...

OH MY GOSH! I would've been so upset! I'm SO glad it all came off. You're so patient!

Melissa said...
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Tami said...

She looks awfully proud of her work!
I was glad that you laughed before you responded. It is funny and I am also glad it came off.
Especailly the bed and the carpet!

Deb said...

Tyler and Liam did some lovely art work on the carpet in one of my bedrooms, using oil-based paint. The cleaners got most of it out and now there is just a hue of color. :)