Friday, January 16, 2009

More House

I went up to see the house today and take pictures to post, but I figured I would first post a cute picture of the girls. I always feel like I need to put up more cute pictures of the girls - so here you go. :)

The house is coming along nicely. When I went up there today they were getting ready to put up the 4 posts that support the big beam in the front. They put up the dormer yesterday (the big triangle in the center of the roof), so I was very anxious to go see it. I wasn't sure if I would like it better with the dormer because I really liked it without, but I like it. It definitely adds dimension. I think the plumbers/tinners, and electricians will be in next week - after that is Sheetrock - yay! I am really excited to have heat. Usually when we go up to see the house, we end up hanging out in the vacant house next door. The "green house" as Sierra calls it (it has green siding - very original) was just finished about a month ago and was waiting to be sold. It has heat - and it is very nice to be able to hang out there and daydream about our house (because we have the exact layout). The green house sold yesterday, just in time, because we will have heat in our house soon. I think Sierra will miss going to the green house - today when we went to see our house, Sierra got mad because she didn't want to see our new house, she wanted to go in the green house. We did end up going over there to use the potty, and warm up a little - so Sierra got her wish.

The back of the house.


Justin and Jamie said...

I can't believe how similar Sierra and Maddie look. They are both getting so big and are as cute as ever!

The house is lookin good! :)

Cindy said...

This whole house thing is exciting, isn't it? So glad we are sharing it at the same time.

Tami said...

The house is looking really good!
I hope it will be nearly done by the time your new neighbors move into the "green house" so you never have to be in the cold and without a potty.
Can't wait for it to be done.

Katie said...

I love your house. I am so happy that you get to build and that it is coming along so nicely. I loved the process when we built our house, seeing it all come together and daydreaming about what it will be like to live there. Your girls are so cute. You and Jake are cute parents. Thank you for blogging.