Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two Weekends

I meant to post this last week, but the week got away from me before I posted. Last weekend we went Geocaching! We haven't been in a long time. I'm not even sure if we went at all last year, so it may have been two years since we have been. If you don't know what Geocaching is... I will explain a little. Basically, it is a treasure hunt. Fellow Geocachers hide a box full of 'treasures'. Then they log the GPS coordinates of where they hid the box on a Geocache website. We (or other Geocachers) get the coordinates from the website and begin our hunt. Pretty much you follow your GPS until you get to the exact coordinates. Once you are there you look around until you find the hidden box. We usually bring a treasure to trade with a different treasure in the box. The girls LOVE hunting for treasures. It is a fun and free family activity. One thing I love about Geocaching is that it usually takes us to places we have never been before.

Found the first treasure!

Headwaters, Three Forks

Poor girl needs a real camera.

Maddie showing us her telescope.

Found another one!
Today we went fishing. I finally (how many years have I lived here now?) got my fishing license! We bought Maddie a new fishing pole (Sierra already had one) and went fishing. The fish weren't biting, and this spot was super crowded. Not really a peaceful fishing trip. But just as we were getting ready to head out Jake caught a fish! Yay! The girls were pretty excited to see it. Now that we are all legal to fish and have all the gear for the whole family, I'm sure we will be going fishing a lot more often.

Sierra caught a big stick.


Lena Phillips said...

Ha ha ha - I had to laugh at Sierra taking pictures with her big, brightly colored, fake, camera. "Poor girl needs a real camera." - for some reason it struck me really funny. And so did Sierra catching that beauty of a stick! Ha ha ha. I love your family and love that you're making the most of your weekends doing fun things together.

Brandi Schall said...

I love Sierra's stick she caught! I remarked to AJ on Saturday that we should start geocaching. Funny that you guys went after a long hiatus! Now it really makes me want to go, looking at your pictures.