Saturday, May 5, 2012

Autumn is 10 months!!!

I can't believe Autumn is 10 months old!  I probably say that every month!  She is getting to be so much fun!!!  Her little personality is really coming out!

Her favorite thing to do right now, is to throw her binkie and say "uh-oh".  I guess you can consider that her first word, since she says it regularly and in the right context.

She LOVES to jump in her jumper!  She will just jump and jump and jump forever!  I love this picture because it really shows her personality.  She is such a ham!  She is showing her baby cousin, Cozette, how much fun it is to be big!

She loves babies (mostly dolls), and always gives them kisses!  I am constantly wondering how we could have ever gotten along without her!  She is so much fun and so CUTE!!!

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