Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Handy Hubby

You might have been asking yourself - "I wonder what Jake has been up to this summer?"- then this is the post for you. I have finally taken pictures of all of his projects and loaded them up ready to blog.

Jake made this cute little birdhouse as a gift for someone, but I sort of adopted it and have in on display in my house. I suppose Jake can have it back when he is ready to send it off.

I LOVE my new cabinets! We have really been needing cabinets in our laundry room. So we went out to Lowes and bought some ugly unfinished oak cabinets and a little paint. We came home and Jake went to work painting and sanding to make these beautiful antique looking cabinets. I really am in love with these cabinets.
This piece of work is one of our newest additions in our home. Our spare room is our computer/stamping room. We had a huge computer desk taking up one side of the room, and another stamping desk taking up the other side. It was sort of a waste of space. Jake has been reading up on making small spaces feel bigger and came up with this... A built in computer/stamping desk all in one. You can see the shelves are for my stamping supplies and the desk is for the computer. When I am ready to do some stamping, I just move the keyboard over and go to work. I really like the "L" shape while I am stamping. I have a lot more room than my old desk. It really opens up the room more and looks so snazy too. We are eventually going to put a bed in there and make it a guest room. Love it! Our brand new fence! Here is a picture of Jake digging holes the old school way - post hole digger. Jake gets all the credit on this one for sure. He dug and dug and dug, then pounded dirt and got all the posts in. Then after a few hours of work on Saturday and Sunday he had all the rails put up and ta-da!!! A new fence!

LOVE IT!!! It is actually a pretty big fenced in back yard. But I just took a picture of a small section of the fence. It turned out so nice. Now if it would just keep the deer out. Yeah right!

The Mantle. Jake just put this baby up yesterday. This is a bad picture.. sorry. Maybe I should have taken a close up so you can see the detail in the wood. Rough cut, circle sawn wood. Jake gave it a little beating, applied a little bit of the concauction, a little stain... a bit of sanding and we have a mantle. It really completes the little stove corner. The wood is such a nice dark color and looks right at home in our home.

The red bench. Jake was asked to make two benches to display in a Parade of Homes home that they just built. This one is not a typical Jake style, but it turned out so nice. It is such a cute bench. Perfect for an entry way.

The wood bench. We are currently using this one in our mud room. We have our shoes lined up on the bottom shelf. It is the perfect size for sitting down and taking off your shoes.

Here is a close up of the top. Very nice!

Well now you know what Jake has been up to this summer. He is getting quite good at finishing all the projects he has started. Lucky for me there is a long 'winter' list. I can't wait to have more goodies around the house.


Justin and Jamie said...

I'm in love with Jake's creations! He is so good! He should really sell his stuff. People would pay money for that stuff!! I so would!! I just bought a little hall table for $399 that looks kind of the same style as your laundry room bench- Put him to work!!! ;)(now you have me brainstorming of what I need/want now! haha) Next time I am in need of a type of bench/table.. whatever- I'll hire jake!

I love the laundry room cabinets-- seriously! Totally my style.

Richard said...

As always, you have done an awesome job. We'll have to come and see for ourselves sometime :)

Tami said...

Wow, thats some pretty stuff.
Well Richard, I get to go tomorrow and see it all. :)
I win.
See you guys tomorrow!

Deb said...

I love the things Jake makes - so creative and beautiful. I love the fence - what a lot of hard work. I also need a bench.....

jenifer reece said...

holy buckets! that is awesome! i am jealous of your guys' talents!