Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eagle Ridge

Now that the weather is cooling down a bit we have been outside a lot - taking lots of walks. We were walking down our street and I was watching the girls run and chase the dogs, and I was thinking how much I love my new neighborhood. There is nothing around (except a few neighbors and deer). The girls and the dogs can just run with nothing to worry about. I just love it. So I decided to take the camera on one of our walks to show you our neighborhood.

Red Shoulder Lane - our street. Sierra is way down there chasing Daisy, while Zoe and Maddie are way behind. Everyone was having so much fun.

Our Neighbors. All three of them. Our house is the red one on the end. The tan house, the one closest in the picture is vacant. I believe it has been sold though. So we actually only have two neighbors. Which are both very nice.

Our Neighborhood. Acres and acres of empty lots. This will be a fun before picture before more houses are built.
While I was at work today, Jake and the girls went on a ride to find deer. Just down the hill from us they came across a herd of about 40. Here are a few pictures of the deer.


Lena Phillips said...

Wow! So beautiful! What a perfect place to live.

Justin and Jamie said...

So pretty and I am sure it is so peaceful too! I would love having the space, and the peace-but when you get used to the convenience of being close to everything- I don't know what I would choose!

Deb said...

What a fun, peaceful place to live and for the girls. When I look at the pictures it makes me feel restful :).

Brandi said...

It was so neat to come visit and see it in person, you really don't get a scope of how much space there is. It's very pretty. And so quiet, you really must mention that. Well, unless the coyotes are howling ;)

I think O and E miss the space to run.