Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Moose In Elk Ridge

I got a phone call yesterday while I was still in bed. It was Jake on his way to work, letting me know there was a moose down the road. So I got the girls up and we drove down there as fast as we could so we wouldn't miss it. I don't think moose come around here very often. It isn't what you would call moose country.
When we drove up all we could see was her little ears poking up through the frosty weeds. The moose wasn't very happy to have us hanging around. She got up, walked around a bit and kept snorting at us. We hung around for about 10 mintues or so, watching, then the girls talked me into getting a little closer.

So we drove down to the lower road. Soon as we got there, the moose started walking in our direction. If you look at the picture you can clearly see in her eyes, that we were not wanted. She walked across the road about 30 feet in front of us. It was very intimidating. If she were a male moose, I don't think I would have been comfortable being that close. Luckily she just crossed the street and headed up into the hills. It was really exciting to see a moose out here where we live. We may never see one out here again.


Justin and Jamie said...

That's cool!

Deb said...

We saw moose when we lived in Moscow. They are amazing animals!

Tami said...

That is very cool.
And kind of scary!

DominikanFlaka10 said...

You have a beautiful family.