Monday, December 7, 2009

Sierra Loves To Draw



She copied the snowman that you can see off to the left. If you notice in her drawing, she added the two patches on the front of the snoman, one of the patches has a button on it. I think she did a pretty good job!



I was confused by this one at first. I thought it was a dinosaur or dragon. Sierra kept saying it was a hippo. Then that night when we were reading books I saw the hippo. She copied the hippo character in the Sandra Boynton books. Then it all made sense. It looks just like it!



Lena Phillips said...

WOW! I say that every time but Sierra is so freakin incredible! I can't believe at only four years old she can do more than squiggles - but copying things she sees with so much detail! AMAZING!!! She is so incredible! Keep encouraging her to draw as much as possible! She has a born talent and will definitely go far with it. Wow Sierra! Awesome job!

Tami said...

She IS and artist.
I'm impressed- wow!

Deb said...

She does a wonderful job!