Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Maddie and Megan!

Maddie turned four this past week! Her Birthday was on a Wednesday, and since both Jake and I worked that day we decided to celebrate it on the weekend. Sunday was Aunt Megan's Birthday, so we did a combined birthday party at Megans house!
The Birthday girls! Sierra and Maddie love to go over to Aunt Megan and Uncle Nicks house! They always have so much fun!
The Birthday girls opened presents, then we had yummy BBQ dinner, then cake! I think Maddie thought it was fun sharing her Birthday with Aunt Megan!
Maddie wanted a crayon cake this year! This was a fun cake to make!

The girls blowing our their candles! We didn't have enough candles for Megan.. I guess that means she is getting old!
Jake also spent the weekend building bunkbeds for the girls! They had been wanting bunkbeds for a long time! The girls LOVE them!

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Justin and Jamie said...

Such cute girls!! I can't believe she is 4!! That bunkbed is AMAZING!! Isn't it nice having a handy man around? ;o)