Sunday, June 5, 2011


This weekend was our nicest weekend so far. It was hot (we actually hit 80 on Sunday!), sunny and a weekend!! What more could you ask for? We had a couple projects to do this weekend, but for the most part we just puttered around not doing too much. I took a bunch of pictures through out the weekend, so I thought I would share our weekend with all of you!

We started out by planting our garden. We have had our garden boxes built and in place for about a year, but we didn't have any dirt. Buying nice black dirt wasn't really on our priority list, so the garden boxes just sat empty for a long time. They were going to sit empty this year too, but Nick (Megan's hubby) gave us a call one day and told us he was brining us a bunch of nice black dirt (what a nice guy)! So suddenly we had a garden to plant!

It is a little late to start a garden, but I figured we would still get some stuff, like lettuce and cucumbers and hopefully peas and greenbeans. We will see what we get!

Now that we had a garden, we needed a fence to go around it to keep the rabbits and deer out. We have had too many experiences with the deer destroying our gardens, so this was a necessity! So Jake spent most of Saturday digging through his wood pile to find enough lumber to build a nice sized fence around our garden area. We are going to put up a wire fence around it as well, but we didn't have enough wire fencing, so we still need to buy some to complete the fence. I am really excited to finally have a garden that grows veggies that WE actually get to eat, not the animals!

Sierra was cute. She told me she wanted to catch a butterfly really bad, and asked me how. I didn't know how.. I never really wanted to catch a butterfly before. Well, she told me that she needed to get her hands wet first, then she would be able to catch a butterfly. So she walked over to where the sprinkler was watering a tree and got her hands wet. About a minute later she came over to me and showed me the butterfly that she had caught. She was actually holding the butterfly on her finger!!! I was really impressed! I didn't know you could really catch a butterfly! I guess if you ever want to give it a try, you better get your hands wet first!

Sierra was Super Girl most of the day. Pretty stinkin cute! I'm not sure that she decided on an actual super power, but she had fun running around with her cape. She even made a mask, but never finished it, so she never did wear it.

Here is Super Girl running super fast!

And her sidekick, jumping.

Ok, on to Sunday. Me. 3 weeks left!!

Well, Jake spent all morning mowing. Fun fun. We finally broke out the old (and little) swimming pool. The girls have been dying to get it out, but it has been too cold. Finally today we were able to get it out. They spent most of the day swimming...

and running through the sprinkler.

They even got in a little 'dad time'.

We made tin foil dinners for dinner. Jake and I both decided that we hadn't had these since we were about 12. They were a little burned, so hopefully our next attempt will be a little better.

We ended the day with our usual weekend treat .... S'mores!!

I think we all had a great weekend! We are so glad that summer is finally here!

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Justin and Jamie said...

How fun for Sierra to actually catch a butterfly! They are super hard to catch- maybe it's because I didn't know the tip of hand wetting! haha..!! It was such a nice weekend here too... It's so refreshing to have some SUN for a few days and just hang around outside. Look at you and your cute little belly! 3 weeks will be here soon! Can't wait to see who joins the Schall fam! :D