Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had some visitors over Memorial Day Weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Slick came and they brought along Uncle AJ and counsin Olivia! From the minute Olivia walked in the door, until the time she left, the three little girls played non-stop, and loved every minute of it! The weather was pretty crappy for most of the weekend. The sun did come out one of the evenings, so we all took the opportunity to hang out outside.

The boys set up some targets and had fun with the guns.

Olivia told me she was jealous of them and wanted to try it out. I thought she looked kinda cute with a big ol' gun!

Grandma taught the girls how to knit. Maddie had fun knitting on the loom.

One of the nights the all the girls made cookies! Yum!

Apparently you can't get the Schall boys together without a little competition. They did push ups and arm wrestling

I'm not sure who won.

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Jake said...

I won