Sunday, May 2, 2010

OH boy!

Sierra and Maddie had been begging me for days to make cards. Finally we had some spare time for the kids to get their hands sticky (Literally. They use WAY too much glue!). Anyway.... so I got their paper out and let them be. Sierra was so excited to show me what she had been making. She made this specail card for her friend in her class, AJ. She told me that AJ said 'hi' to her in school. Now, when I was in preschool, I remember liking a specific boy. Yes, it is way too young to like boys, but I guess I just couldn't help it. Not sure if Sierra is the same way... So on the inside of the card she drew a dragon and a snowman and lots and lots of hearts! Um... Right away I thought, 'Jake isn't going to like this AJ kid'. Then she wrote AJ's name (she spelled it JA) and her name at the top. I love her drawings. Her dragon and snowman are cute. I think I am going to snatch this card up and keep it before she gets a chance to give it to AJ. She only has 3 more days of school left. She will be going to preschool again next year. I'm not sure if AJ will be moving on to kindergarten or stay in preschool. I guess we will see...

close up

Here is a cute butterfly she made the same day. She is really proud of her butterfly. We hung it up on her magnectic board in her room. Super cute!


Tami said...

My! I agree... too young to like boys!
This will be fun to watch my son protect his girls.
Very cute pictures and butterfly!

Deb said...

I love the creativeness of your girls!