Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Zoo

If you read Jake's earlier post you know that I took the girls and went to Logan for a week. While we were down there we decided to go to Hogle Zoo in SLC. I had lots of fun. Sierra was a little cranky because she didn't get her nap and Maddie was cooking - it was hot. But I still enjoyed my time doing something fun with my family.


Brandi Schall said...

I love that pic of Sierra looking grumpy. She's still so adorable even when she's not happy.

I'm jealous that T, J and M are coming up! Why couldn't they take us up, too!?

Deb said...

I LOVED seeing the girls and visiting with Brooke. The girls are so cute and I've never seen a baby smile like Maddie. Thanks so much for stopping to see me. And your hair is beautiful, Brooke.